About DCVC

I like to think of ideas as potential energy. They're really wonderful, but nothing will happen until we risk putting them into action.

Mae Jemison, Engineer, Physician, and Astronaut


From transforming unsustainable global manufacturing, to relieving an over-stressed global food supply, to curing seemingly incurable diseases, to supercharging the speed at which science becomes solutions, some of society’s biggest challenges are now some of the world’s greatest business opportunities.

Using Deep Tech, we can solve trillion dollar problems while amplifying capitalism’s benefits and reducing its costs to our society.


Our investments have created tens of billions of dollars of value while making the world a markedly better place–from rockets to robots, from molecular manufacturing to microbes, and from applied AI to autonomous systems. We partner with the most innovative scientific and business minds applying Deep Tech to create the next great industrial giants.


We have more published scientists than MBAs. And, almost all of us have founded or run one or more successful companies. Beyond ourselves and our Equity Partners, we draw on a huge network of folks with similarly unique combinations of operational and technical depth.

We still read code. We understand chip architecture, and we know the difference between BLAST and Bowtie. We’ve built supercomputer racks ourselves, and we know that degrees of freedom doesn’t mean how often a robot escapes. We appreciate that Grover’s Algorithm isn’t for a quantum version of Sesame Street, and that Specific Impulse isn’t a new fragrance. We’ll never confuse Cas13 with a street gang. And, we will be there at 3am to cheer the new stable build or at 7am to help land that new customer.

We bring real scientific, technical, and operational insight, allowing us to invest early and stay close. Because we take a long-term view, we can help our companies set themselves up to be both nimble and resilient. And when we make an endorsement of a company’s technology, it’s taken seriously across the industry.


We invented the Equity Partner model, providing our portfolio companies with access to a unified pool of force-multiplying experts, including CTOs, CIOs, Chief Scientists and technical leaders at top 100 technology companies, as well as professors at top research institutions worldwide. These talented people are excited to engage with our companies throughout their lifecycle and do so cooperatively on a “one for all, all for one” basis.