Bradford Cross

Founding Partner


Bradford forms and invests in machine learning and AI-driven companies as a Partner at DCVC. His current focus is on fintech and insurance, applications of compute-driven healthcare and biotech, and machine vision in general.

Bradford founded six machine learning startups since 2009. The first, Flightcaster, used machine learning for predicting the state of the real time global air traffic network using FAA, carrier, and weather data, and was acquired for a significant return. The second, Prismatic, used machine learning for personalized recommendation and ranking of content based on social and content interaction, and used Natural Language Processing for topic and entity classification. More recently, Bradford founded Tower Street and Merlon, focused on bringing machine learning innovation and risk mitigation to large financial services companies.

Bradford has over 15 years of experience in building statistical trading strategies, and the better part of a decade in machine learning and large-scale systems engineering, including 2 years working on distributed systems at Google. He studied Computer Engineering and Finance at Virginia Tech, and Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley.