Merline Saintil

Operating Partner


With more than 20 years in Silicon Valley as an executive and engineering team leader, Merline brings an unparalleled level of experience and insight into every boardroom. Merline has first-hand experience from within some of the most iconic companies in the tech industry, where she led large teams and engineering projects that contributed to the success of those companies. She now serves as a board member for some of the next emerging pivotal companies within the tech and finance industries, including DCVC-backed companies Rocket Lab and Evolv Technology as well as Alkami Technology, GitLab, Lightspeed Commerce, and TD SYNNEX.

Merline was the COO, R&D and IT at Change Healthcare. Previously, she was the Head of Operations, Product & Technology at Intuit, and the Head of Operations, Mobile and Emerging Products at Yahoo. Earlier in her career, she held key executive and technical development roles at Joyent, PayPal, and Adobe. She started her career as a software engineer at Sun Microsystems. Outside of her business interests, she is also passionate about advising entrepreneurs and coaching emerging leaders in leadership and technology.

Merline received a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Florida A&M University and a Master of Science in software engineering management from Carnegie Mellon University, where she previously served on the Board of Directors of the alumni association.