Nate Nickerson

Communications and Public Affairs Partner


As DCVC’s Communications and Public Affairs Partner, Nate ensures that the narratives of our portfolio companies resonate among the talent, partners, capital, and markets critical to their success.

Nate brings strength in public relations and content creation, as practiced in different domains. Before joining DCVC, he led communications and public affairs at the highest levels of academia: he served as the Vice President for Communications at MIT, and then at Yale. At each university, he led bold new work in owned media alongside a more targeted, impact-centered approach to earned media.

Before his work in higher education, Nate held leading editorial positions at media companies covering the intersection of technology, work, and culture. He served as the Managing Editor of Fast Company, and then as the Deputy Editor of MIT Technology Review. It was at Tech Review that Nate met DCVC Partner Jason Pontin (then Tech Review’s Editor-in-Chief): together, they would bring a venerable old brand into the digital age.

Throughout his career in journalism and higher education, Nate found himself particularly drawn to people intent on bringing fresh thinking and emerging technology to efforts that can improve the world.

Nate earned a BA with honors in English from Beloit College.