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Copia Global

Bringing the power of mobile commerce to low- and middle-income Africans

In regions of Africa with sparse internet or financial infra­struc­ture, the e‑commerce revolution is still just beginning. Copia has built a network of more than 40,000 agents in Uganda and Kenya who help with ordering and delivery of retail goods for customers in rural and peri-urban communities, including many customers who are unbanked and have little access to conven­tional shopping. Customers (who are mostly women) get access to basic commodities, while agents (who are also mostly women) see an increase in income.

  • 30,000
    Agents who serve as ordering & delivery points in Kenya and Uganda
  • 30%
    Minimum increase in Agents' income due to commissions from products sold
  • 77%
    Women Agents
  • 25%
    Foot traffic increase to Agents' shops due to collaboration with Copia

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