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Congrat­u­la­tions to Proprio on its Series B and move into commercialization

The surgery market is one of the most significant areas of healthcare yet has seen the least impact from artificial intel­li­gence, until now.

Proprios break­through ParadigmTM surgical navigation system offers a new way for surgeons to be more effective and efficient, partic­u­larly in complex procedures such as spine surgery, for which the company recently received its FDA 510(k) clearance. DCVC is proud to continue backing Proprio as it announces its $43M Series B, which will allow the company to move decisively into commer­cial­iza­tion while continuing its impressive track record of technical innovation. 

Proprio’s system not only provides a data-rich experience — akin to a 3D version of Google Maps — to help surgeons visualize and navigate procedures, but also:

  • Reduces surgery time used to take intra-operative imaging;
  • Lowers risk to patients;
  • Lowers the stress and physical exertion of surgeons themselves.

Being able to look around objects obscuring the surgeon’s field of view and create a dataset second to none for potential training and success predictions is a game changer.

To date, Proprio has met and exceeded every expectation we as investors had when we led the Series A funding three years ago. Lightfield-based navigation will prove to be a superior approach to every surgical vision system on the market today, and the company has been approached by hundreds of surgeons wishing to use the system. With this funding, that process can start.

Proprio represents an enormous commercial opportunity that demon­strates DCVC’s deep tech thesis: the company is using scientific and compu­ta­tional advantages to deliver better surgical outcomes to greater numbers of people with lower systemic costs. This has the power to improve and save lives everywhere.

Alan Cohen is a General Partner at DCVC.

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