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Oklo’s NYSE debut: a new era for advanced nuclear fission technology

With $300 million in SPAC proceeds ready to be deployed, Oklo — which we’ve backed from the start — is prepared to make history

I was thrilled to join Oklo’s co-founders, management team, and fellow investors as we rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning. This milestone is a magnificent achievement for Oklo, a pioneering advanced nuclear fission company that DCVC has proudly supported since its early days.

My journey with Oklo began with an investment in 2014, followed by DCVC’s leading the company’s Series A in 2018, a testament to our confidence in its innovative technology and exceptional team. I had the privilege of serving on Oklo’s board until the company’s recent public listing through a merger with AltC Acquisition Corp., a SPAC led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. This strategic move has positioned Oklo to move forward boldly, providing the company with over $300 million in proceeds — with a record-setting 0.02% in redemptions — to execute its business plan.

As Oklo Co-Founder and CEO Jacob DeWitte explained in a recent CNBC interview, Oklo is now poised to enter a phase of deployment, fueled by surging demand for electric power from site-specific, energy-intensive customers including data centers made voracious by AI. Oklo’s advanced, small-scale nuclear fission reactors are uniquely positioned to meet this demand while helping to decarbonize the energy sector. 

Major congrats to Jake and the whole team. They are leading the way to a low-carbon economy, full stop. When the bell was ringing and everyone was cheering, that’s what was most on my mind.

Zachary Bogue is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DCVC.

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