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ZwitterCo is growing — because the easy water is no longer easy

Secures $58.4M Series B to unlock uncon­ven­tional water resources and combat the global water crisis

The worsening global water crisis is the shark’s teeth of climate change: without deep tech solutions and more efficient water markets, humanity is facing an existential threat not in some distant future, but right now. Rising to meet this challenge is DCVC portfolio company ZwitterCo, whose ground­breaking membrane technology unlocks the vast potential of uncon­ven­tional water sources. From industrial wastewaters to challenging surface waters and process streams, ZwitterCo’s membranes make it practical and economical to tap into under­uti­lized resources, providing a lifeline for industries and communities facing water scarcity in a world where easy water is becoming a thing of the past.

ZwitterCo’s membranes are already driving significant impact across many industries. For example, they helped a biopro­cessing manu­fac­turer in a water-stressed region recycle 80% of their wastewater and enabled a power plant in the Pacific Northwest to boost production by 10% while slashing maintenance costs. And now, with the successful close of their $58.4 million Series B, ZwitterCo is ready to accelerate its inter­na­tional expansion and the development of its revo­lu­tionary technology platform.

As members of ZwitterCo’s Board of Directors, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this milestone. After having led the company’s last Seed round and its Series A, DCVC is excited to continue supporting their journey alongside Evok Innovations, the industrial transition fund leading this significant Series B.

Today’s reality is that the cheap water sources which we have relied on throughout history — our lakes, rivers and aquifers — are being depleted faster than nature can effectively re-supply. To achieve water sustain­ability and resilience we must treat and reuse the more challenging uncon­ven­tional water sources, and this will necessarily require new technologies.

ZwitterCo’s membranes transform the economics of treating and reusing uncon­ven­tional water. The company’s super­fil­tra­tion membranes, used to treat the most challenging wastewaters and process fluids, provide high recovery while requiring infrequent and gentle cleaning. Meanwhile, their reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, used across many industrial water treatment appli­ca­tions from power, food, and pharma to chemicals and refining, reduce customer RO cleanings by up to 90% and enjoy twice the lifespan of traditional RO membranes.

Please join us in congrat­u­lating the ZwitterCo team on a highly successful Series B financing. 

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