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Amogy, Skansi and SEAM Sign MoU to Explore Ammonia as Fuel for Offshore Supply Vessels

The project is an important step towards decar­bonizing sustainable technology in the maritime industry

Stavanger, Faroe Islands and Karmøy – May 19, 2023Amogy Inc., a pioneer of emission-free, energy-dense ammonia power solutions, Skansi Offshore, a shipping company located in the capital of the Faroe Islands, and Norwegian system developer and integrator SEAM, have entered into a Memorandum of Under­standing (MoU).

The purpose of this agreement is for the three parties to investigate potential technology collab­o­ra­tion in the field of ammonia application, with the common goal of decar­bonizing the offshore industry. The first focus of this collab­o­ra­tion is a possible retrofit of Amogy’s proprietary ammonia-to-power system on one of Skansi’s existing vessels, allowing it to operate with zero emissions. This opportunity allows all parties to work together in pursuit of a decar­bonized shipping industry.

Managing Director of Amogy Norway, Christian W. Berg, expressed his excitement about collab­o­rating with these esteemed and forward-thinking partners who share an ambitious vision for a greener and more sustainable future. Given the whole industry’s strong commitment to clean fuels, it is crucial for us to make a positive impact here,” said Berg. We believe our partnership with Skansi and SEAM can serve as a compelling inspiration for other maritime operators to follow.”

Gunvald Mortvedt, CEO of SEAM, says this project is a testimony of the industry’s dedication to push tech­no­log­ical boundaries to achieve zero-emission shipping. We are very proud to have been chosen as a system partner in this exciting project. We believe in Amogy’s ammonia-to-power solution, and are confident that, through close collab­o­ra­tion with both companies, we will be able to realize Skansi’s important goals for a zero-emission offshore supply vessel, and thus showcase another tech­no­log­ical milestone for zero-emission shipping.”

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Amogy and SEAM to combine our envi­ron­men­tally friendly and innovative tech­nolo­gies,” said Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, CEO of Skansi Offshore. Integrating Amogy’s ammonia-to-hydrogen technology in our vessel is a significant step in the right direction, bringing us closer to our long-term goal of decar­bonizing the maritime industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Addi­tion­ally, this partnership will help accelerate the global transition towards clean energy sources, furthering our commitment to sustainable practices in the maritime sector.”

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About Amogy

Amogy offers ammonia-based, emission-free, high energy-density power solutions to decarbonize trans­porta­tion for a sustainable future. Founded in 2020 by four MIT PhD alumni with a shared vision, Amogy aims to enable the decar­boniza­tion of the heavy-duty trans­porta­tion sector, accel­er­ating the global journey towards Net Zero 2050. The company’s investors include Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, AP Ventures, SK, Saudi Aramco and DCVC. To date, Amogy’s scalable ammonia-powered, zero-emissions energy system has been demon­strated with success in a drone, heavy-duty tractor, and semi truck. More info at:

About Skansi Offshore

Skansi Offshore is a shipping company located in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. Skansi were pioneers within the offshore segment in their native market, a market char­ac­ter­ized by lifelong maritime traditions. Skansi own and operate 5 state-of-the-art platform supply vessels. Skansi amply reflects both the local vantage point and a broader, more inter­na­tional outlook. But there is one thing that truly sets Skansi apart from the competition: The Skansi team. With operational excellence at core, Skansi operate with strong respect for the local countries and waters that we work in. While delivering reliable and safe offshore support and trans­porta­tion services for the inter­na­tional offshore oil and gas industry, the mindset of being in good company’ extends to the personal relations at the office, on the ships, and with the clients and operational partners.

About SEAM

SEAM is a leading system developer and integrator of low- and zero-emission solutions to the maritime industry. Located in Karmøy, Norway, the company develops, delivers, and integrates control, automation and power solutions that help ship owners with their transition to, and future with, green shipping. Their portfolio consists of complete systems and in-house developed products, ranging from integrated control and automation systems, EMS/PMS, propulsion control, driver, switch­boards, electric motors, trans­formers, all the way to bridge solutions. Their wide range of products are named e‑SEAMatic® and e‑SEA®.

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