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Ali Tamaseb

General Partner

As a self-described People Capitalist,” Ali has developed a data-driven method for finding and partnering with world-class founders on a mission to reshape old and new industries. An avid networker, Ali runs the Super­founders Club and curates several other networks of talent, customers and capital providers – all of which he makes available to his portfolio companies to help them grow faster. Ali holds multiple leadership and board director positions at companies across the U.S. and globally with thousands of employees, and has invested in multiple billion-dollar companies on behalf of DCVC in a range of industries including crypto, fintech, healthcare, biomed, materials, chemicals, elec­tri­fi­ca­tion, mining, and construction. 

Ali is the author of two books including the best-selling Super Founders, which studies what differ­en­ti­ates billion-dollar start-ups from the rest; he has also authored five academic papers on machine learning and AI. Before joining DCVC, Ali was a start-up founder and CEO who grew the company to millions in revenue. Ali was granted four patents and has won medals in national and inter­na­tional physics and programming Olympiads. Ali was an honoree of the British Alumni Award and received the Imperial College President’s Medal for Outstanding Achievement. His work has been covered by the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes, and TED, among others.