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Stephen Seymour


Stephen identifies, evaluates, and collab­o­rates with promising early-stage founders who are delivering real value to customers in the industrial and defense sectors. Teams that are combining advanced computing with scientific and engineering innovation partic­u­larly excite him. He is inspired by industrial history and uses it as context when exploring emerging sectors for companies that will catalyze breakout economic growth by creating new categories or winning massive adoption that allow them to dominate existing ones.

Prior to joining DCVC, Stephen had a broad range of technical appren­tice­ship experiences across electric mobility, consumer hardware, cloud services, and robotics. Stephen received a bachelor’s degree in physics from Morehouse College, where he won awards in several national STEM and innovation compe­ti­tions. He also served as the Founding President of MakeWay, an engineering design orga­ni­za­tion in the Atlanta University Center promoting minority involvement in inter­na­tional student design team competitions.