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Building a CFTC-regulated electricity derivatives exchange

Changes to the grid infra­struc­ture — including the retirement of most coal- and gas-burning power plants, the widespread adoption of inter­mit­tent renewable electricity sources such as solar and wind, and the intro­duc­tion of next-generation storage tech­nolo­gies — create highly volatile spot prices for electricity and expose energy producers and asset owners to pricing risk. ElectronX is setting out to fix that problem, and when approved by the CFTC, it will offer the first regulated direct-access power market and clear­ing­house for electricity derivatives. The marketplace will give retail energy providers a way to hedge against unexpected changes in load and price. It will also provide battery operators, EV charging companies, energy producers, industrial consumers of energy, and other stake­holders with up-to-date price data, allowing them to hedge risk and trade electricity derivatives.

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