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Growing delicious, nutritious, and sustainable protein from fungus

The world needs sustainable sources of protein that don’t come from animals but still contain the full complement of essential amino acids. Enough nourishes fungi with the sugars in grains to produce a mycoprotein called Abunda that can be used in burgers, chicken-style products, noodles, snacks, and other dishes and is rich in fiber, essential amino acids, zinc, and iron. Abunda’s feed conversion efficiency exceeds competitors’ by a factor of 3 to 15. The company’s zero-waste fermen­ta­tion process also uses far less water than grain, pea, chicken, or beef production, and emits 15% to 82% less carbon.

  • 93%
    Less Water
  • 97%
    Less Feed
  • 97%
    Less CO2

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