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We are deep tech life sciences.

Understanding and rearranging the components of biology using frontier technologies. Investing in human health, agriculture, and synthetic biology.

AI and large data models, informed by the earned insights of our brilliant teams, can now untangle networks of genes and proteins that are otherwise intractably complex, showing biologists ways to design new medicines, materials, and farming methods.

Recognizing this historic opportunity, we established DCVC Bio in 2018. Its cofounders and Managing Partners—Dr. John Hamer, Dr. Kiersten SteadMatt Ocko, and Zachary Bogue—believe that investing in companies that can bring breakthrough medicines to the clinic, or commercialize novel life sciences products, demands specific and longtime experience at similar ventures. Our investment team members are experts in genetics, chemistry, molecular biology, agriculture, industrial fermentation, AI, and more. In making and supporting our investments from DCVC Bio’s funds, we combine scientific acumen with the wisdom gained from decades of operational management.

We seek out and support foundational initiatives that use fundamental science and deep tech to solve hard problems, and we are committed to using biology to create a more just, flourishing, and sustainable world. If you are a company founder marrying deep biological insights and/or engineering with deep compute to bring new possibilities to life, we invite you to tell us about your work.  [More ↓]

The vision to find the boldest founders

We’re scientist-inventor-operators whose investments are driven by our passion to change the world for the better—improving human health, making food production more sustainable, and slowing climate change.

DCVC Bio Team

Backing high-impact innovations

Our companies exploit breakthroughs at all scales—from small molecules and RNA to cell engineering to robotics to big computing—to translate ideas into profitable businesses across industries.

In drug discovery, we back innovators and entrepreneurs exploiting computation and breakthroughs in synthetic biology, microfluidics, and other fields to create novel, successful, accessible therapies for conditions from cancer to autoimmune disease. AbCellera’s search engine for the immune system, for example, finds new therapeutic antibodies against invaders, while Creyon Bio’s machine-learning algorithms design non-toxic oligonucleotide-based medicines to treat otherwise intractable diseases. In synthetic biology, Umoja Biopharma is engineering our immune systems to fight cancer.

In agriculture, we support companies that are enabling safer, more effective crop protection, reducing fertilizer use, and renovating the food systems. BioPhero engineers microbes to produce synthetic insect pheromones that disrupt mating cycles without toxic insecticides, while Elo Life’s gene-editing tools turn plants into biofactories for healthier food ingredients.

And we back companies devising bio-based approaches to desirable alternative materials whose production can scale. MycoWorks’ new mycelium strains meld into fibers that offer a sustainable and luxurious alternative to leather.

Our interests are as broad as biology’s possibilities. Below are highlighted companies we support; view the full DCVC Bio portfolio here.

Portfolio Highlights

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